Kelly Wendorf is an entrepreneur, coach, guide, motivational speaker, educator, writer and a uniquely skilled systems-change and leadership mentor. Her early experiences were vitally shaped by the natural and ancient world around her where she learned a way of listening to influences within people, nature and moments. This unconventional education grants her a gift of perception that liberates untapped potential and hidden gifts within individuals and organizations, helping them to solve problems differently through a wisdom-informed and wholeness approach.

Throughout her life she has lived and worked around the world, studying with many spiritual and Indigenous leaders in India, Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Such immersion in multi-cultural perspectives has honed a passion for creating a new narrative in the human condition, one informed by wisdom and the knowing of our connection to, and responsibility for, all life. Through this lens, she empowers organizations and their leaders to wield meaningful change in their communities and in the world through servant leadership and innovative organizational change.

Her work has also been influenced by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Fred Kofman, Arie de Geus, Gerald May, Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, James Prescott, and Ina May Gaskin. 

Previously, Kelly founded, edited and published Kindred magazine, an evidence-based publication that explores the social, cultural and biological underpinnings of a just and compassionate society. Here she spent 15 years immersed in the field of neuroscience and neuropsychology and its relationship to social justice, wellbeing and transformative cultural change. As a blogger and writer, Kelly also authored and Edited Stories of Belonging (Finch), an anthology of stories from authors around the world, including the often excluded voices of the indigenous peoples.

Founder and CEO of EQUUS (the Manituu Group, LLC), an innovative leadership and self-mastery mentoring collaborative, she specializes in the liberation of conscious leadership capacities in those highly engaged individuals who are most qualified—ie, the empathetic, the conscientious, the accountable, the generous, and the kind. 

Frustrated with conventional modalities of learning, Kelly designed The EQUUS Experience®, a horse-informed and horse-facilitated approach to leadership development that engages a whole-body means of discovery and breakthrough learning.

Kelly has a been a source of deep and true awakening for me. Over the past couple of months, I've noticed how our work together has influenced me in small ways. I breathe differently--with relish and a keen awareness of my surroundings. I also notice that influence in grand ways. I now constantly adjust in order to meet the world on my terms, and lead with both eyes open. When I stumble, I stay down to absorb the impact. When I soar, I stay up to embrace the clarity of vision. - R. Pineda